Flter Secure Router

If you aren't concerned about your privacy online, then you haven't been paying attention to the news. But figuring out how to protect yourself without going off the grid isn't easy. Flter Secure Router is an option to help give you peace of mind no matter what device you're using. It provides VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, and Tor anonymity, and sits between your modem and router, so you don't have to install extra software. You also get full peer to peer support, unlimited bandwidth, and can operate Flter entirely from the app or web interface.

  • Uritrottoir Urinal Planter

    Public restrooms can be gross and even dangerous. Peeing on whatever's around is also gross and very likely illegal. The Uritrottoir Urinal Planter tackles both problems. It's made up of two boxes, with one on top holding plants, fertilized soil, and the main portion of the urinal, which sends your pee down onto the straw that's held in the lower box. A sensor tells when the straw needs swapped out and taken to a separate composting facility, before eventually making its way back to another unit as food for the flowers on top. Currently on trial in Paris, it seems likely we'll be seeing them elsewhere in the years to come.

  • Ping GPS Locator

    Near-field trackers like Tile can certainly be useful, but if you need to keep tabs on something that moves around more than your wallet, you're going to need something more robust. Something like the Ping GPS Locator. It combines the more common Bluetooth tracking with GPS and a 3G cellular connection, allowing you to check on the location of something nearby or across the globe. Whether it's your luggage, your pet, or even your kid, it provides accurate tracking and up to three months of battery life per charge.

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