RSS made sexy. FLUD (Free) is a deliciously-designed news reader for the iPhone and iPad that reinvents the goodness-gathering power of RSS. Now available in two versions, the FLUD apps sport a highly-graphical interface, slick in-app browser, Google Reader integration, offline reading (iPhone version), and a bunch of social-sharing features to help spread the word on stories, videos, and pictures of interest. FLUD is definitely our new favorite iSoftware, and not just because Uncrate and Devour are both included as sources (well, it didn't hurt).

  • Path

    Does the world really need another social network? Well, the guys behind Path (Free) would probably answer "yes, and no." Touted as "The Personal Network," Path is a new photo sharing service tailored to posting real-time images from your phone's camera — currently limited to iPhone — and sharing them with up to 50 of your closest, most trusted confidants. It lets you see who's looked at your photo, and uses tags for people, places and things to help you organize memories from your life. So it really is another social network — except when it isn't.

  • Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta

    Help Kenny on his comeback trail with Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta (Free). This 8-bit baseball game packs in plenty of insults straight from Powers himself, five levels, and exclusive content from season dos of Eastbound & Down. Sure, it's not going to win any awards, but it's free, funny, and what else were you planning on doing while waiting in line at the DMV?

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