Smartphones are amazing machines. They're also horribly distracting. Forest is a new app that, somewhat contradictorily, helps you stay focused on the world around you. When you need to get your attention off your phone and onto your surroundings, open the app and plant a tree. The tree will grow over a set period, and if you try to leave the app while it's growing, the tree dies. Over time, you're able to cultivate an entire forest, and the app also gives you detailed stats, giving you greater insight into just how much time you are (or aren't) spending on your pocketable slab of glass and metal.

  • Privacy

    Security breaches happen despite the best efforts of even the biggest merchants. Keep yourself protected with Privacy. This smart app creates a new custom Visa card for every online store you frequent and locks the card to that merchant — so you're protected even if they're hacked. You can also set spending limits on each card, close any card with a single swipe, and even setup single-use cards that are perfect for free trials.

  • Rumuki

    Making private videos with your lover isn't unusual. Nor is it unusual for your phone to be the most convenient recording device around. Rumuki is a brilliant app that removes all kinds of potential concerns and lets you get down to having fun. First of all, you need to pair it with a copy of the app running on your partner's phone. Record away. When it's time to play it back, you both have to agree to it, and should one party delete their key, it's gone forever. So whether you're worried about being hacked or an ex posting your private bits online, you're covered.

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