Fredericks & Mae Darts

There are a bevy of options out there if you're looking for a new set of darts, encompassing everything from the pitiful plastic "starter" darts included in the boards at Walmart to insane spinning metal projectiles — but few if any can match the style of these Fredericks & Mae Darts. Available in both large and small sizes and measuring 5-8" in length, these high-end darts are made from maple, thread, feathers, lead, and steel, making them a far more elegant instrument than the house darts at the local pub. To complete the set, grab the matching dartboard.

  • DV8 Golf Clubs

    Anyone who's ever tried traveling with their golf clubs knows the pain that is trying to drag around a heavy bag full of rattling metal sticks — and that's not even mentioning the troubles of transporting them on a motorcycle or bike. DV8 Golf Clubs aim to get rid of all these problems by putting a full set of clubs in a lightweight backpack. Thanks to a patented quick-change coupler, you can switch from a graphite to a steel shaft or from a 5-iron to a putter in under 3 seconds, all without giving up the performance you'd expect from a full-size set — or dealing with the hassle of hauling them around.

  • Eephus League Scorebook

    Admittedly, scorekeeping at a baseball game is a bit of a lost art — replaced by digital scoreboards, apps, and apathy — but with the Eephus League Scorebook, you can rediscover this simple pleasure, even if you've never kept score before. Compact and easy to bring with you to the park, this book measures just five by a little over seven inches. The book includes 20 scorecards, each with space for up to 11 innings, pitching statistics, and game totals. With a clean, simple deign, they're also easy to work with, while an included reference card and foldout guide make life easy for novices and seasoned veterans alike.

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