Fuji Instax Camera

Fuji Instax Camera

Just because Polaroid is out of the game doesn't mean instant photography is dead. The Fuji Instax Camera ($130) is living proof, producing great-looking credit card-sized prints in mere minutes, and featuring an auto focus lens with built-in cover and automatic flash. Just check the LED exposure indicator, compose, and shoot!

  • Botanicalls

    Make sure your plant gets just the right amount of water, at the right times with Botanicalls ($100). This DIY kit includes everything you need to build an Ethernet-connected translation circuit that allows your plant to post updates about its status on Twitter. Now if they could just make one of these for pets, we might finally know what the neighbor's dog is barking at all night.

  • Moog Guitar

    With the Moog name on board, you might guess that the Moog Guitar ($6,500) is some sort of guitar/synth hybrid. And you'd be right. Designed by Moog inventor Paul Vo, this gorgeous axe uses magnetic pickups to change the strings' motion and enhance the sound. In addition to the standard 1/4" output, it also features a five-pin input for the included foot pedal, a piezoelectric pickup in the bridge, a Vo Power knob to control the intensity of sustain and mute, a filter toggle switch, and more. [Thanks, Bob]

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