Furtif Evercut Knives

A great set of kitchen knives is a must-own for anyone that likes to cook — and most of the time, that means plenty of work trying to keep the blade sharp. Unless you're cutting with Furtif Evercut Knives. Made in France by eco-friendly TB Groupe, these solid steel knifes feature a laser-bonded titanium-carbide surface that lasts 300 times longer than standard steel, meaning you should only have to sharpen them once every 25 years. They're not all about utility, though, as the inky black color and geometric handles make them something you'll be proud to display in your kitchen.

  • Sorapot

    Beauty and function come together in the Sorapot. This modern, architectural teapot uses an arch of stainless steel to house a Pyrex tube, letting you watch as the tea leaves unfurl, changing hot water into tasty tea. Newly refreshed, the updated version features a re-engineered spout, and open brew chamber, and an investment cast, hand-finished handle, as well as the same stunning looks as the original.

  • Flare Pans

    There are plenty of pots and pans out there that promise faster cook times and more even heating — but none of them feature technology designed by an actual rocket scientist. Surrounded by unique fins that effectively channel heat upwards from your cook top, these Flare Pans heat up quicker while cooking your food faster and more evenly. Able to cook as much as 44% faster than standard cookware, these pots and pans are made from highly-conductive cast aluminum. Choose from a saucepan, a lidded stockpot, and frying pans in two sizes, or buy them in a set and experience the benefits of speedier, more uniform cooking.

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