FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor

Sure, you can use a radar gun — and a really sharp eye — to tell how fast the puck is travelling, but if you want more precise metrics on your play, you need the FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor. This Bluetooth-enabled gadget slides down into the hollow shaft of your hockey stick and uses sensors to capture the stick's speed at ice level, how long it takes to complete a motion, the angle of the stick, its angular velocity, and its acceleration, all of which is used to figure out how fast the puck is going. As with most sport sensors, it then syncs with an app so you can see how you've performed over time and share your data with your coaches, teammates, and friends.

  • Killerspin SVR Black Ping Pong Table

    It's easy to go out and buy a ping pong table. But it's not easy to find one that doesn't look like a playing surface slapped on top of a metal box. The Killerspin SVR Black Ping Pong Table is not a surface on a box. Offering tournament-level performance, this top-tier table features a playing surface made from 22 millimeter medium density fiberboard for a consistent bounce and with a Repeat Roller Coating for minimal glare. There's an Apex net and steel post system, but perhaps the most notable feature is the base — a 2.5-inch thick arched silver metal frame that will look fantastic no matter where you place it.

  • Leatherman Hail Snowboard Tool

    Why should people doing work get all the EDC attention? Now boarders have their own permanent accessory with the Leatherman Hail Snowboard Tool. Designed in collaboration with Signal Snowboards, this TSA-compliant pocketable tool features needlenose pliers, standard pliers, wire cutters, both flat and Phillips screwdrivers, tweezers, a scraper, a lacing assistant, a nail file, a carabiner, a 10mm wrench, and, of course, a bottle opener.

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