Gais Faltima Series 010 SD, LP, CD System

Gais Faltima Series 010 SD, LP, CD System

Need to consolidate some of your audio components? Check out the Gais Faltima Series 010 SD, LP, CD System ($500). This mini-system offers up a turntable, a MP3 and WMA-capable CD player, an SD card slot, and a USB port for music stored on thumb drives. As if that wasn't enough, the player can also record one audio format to another (like from vinyl to MP3) while it's playing, and offers AM and FM tuners for those times when you find yourself without a CD, vinyl album, SD card, or MP3-filled USB drive.

  • Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack

    Standing at less than 10-inches tall, the Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack ($60) lets you rock out just about anywhere. It features two speaker cabinets with a head, as well as gain, volume, and tone controls. The Micro Stack is powered by a single 9V battery and is said to be "powerful enough to blow the windows out of a doll house." Har.

  • Logitech Z Cinéma Advanced Surround

    Looking for a robust desktop audio solution that doesn't consume massive amounts of space? Logitech's Z Cinéma Advanced Surround is one of the most feature rich sound systems currently available for desktops. Although it has only two speakers, it utilizes SRS TruSurround HD to believably simulate a much larger surround environment. What's more, those speakers own up with a tri-amplification design and digital crossover EQ. Conveniently, no sound card is required, as the system connects via USB and all components are built-in. It also includes a fully featured remote control that's optimized for media center, so if you're looking for an audio solution for your HTPC and need a remote, you, as they say, could kill two birds with one stone — one $300 stone.

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