Game Boy Micro

Game Boy Micro

Although the technology behind it is no longer impressive, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the Game Boy Micro ($100). Aside from the fact that it’s tiny — think iPod mini here — it also has a huge library of Game Boy Advance games it can play. It’s not the original GBA games that draw us in, though — it’s the re-issued SNES and NES games that get us excited. Well, that and having another gadget to add to our ever growing man-bag arsenal.

  • Ms. Pac Man Arcade Game

    If, when you were younger, your parents had rich friends, they probably had rich children, and they probably loved to show you their superior games when you visited. Seek closure for your adolescent arcade game envy with this combo Ms. Pac Man/Galaga Arcade Game ($3000). Now you can have the game you always wanted and show off the fruits of your hard work, while your rich childhood nemesis works his way through yet another stint in rehab. Take that, rich boy!

  • Vaja PSPouch

    We love our PSPs, but it's hard to find a case for them that matches the sexiness of the machine. Until now. The PSPouch from Vaja cases ($140) is the most fashionable way to carry your PSP, two extra UMDs, four Memory Stick Duos, and anything you can fit in the zippered accessories pocket.

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