Garia Golf Cart

Garia Golf Cart

You know two things when you hear a golf cart is built at the Valmet Automotive factory in Finland (where they make the Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster): 1) It's going to be awesome, and 2) It's going to be awesomely expensive. The Garia Golf Cart ($17,500) is definitely both. Designed by Danish designer Anders Lynge, this sexy fairway flyer sports double wishbone front suspension, a built-in refrigerator, hand-stitched seats, hydraulic brakes on all four wheels (with discs in the front and drums at the rear), and custom paint of your choice.

  • Air Board

    While it's not quite as simple (or cool) as a real Hoverboard, the Air Board ($14,000) is actually available. This gasoline-powered personal hovercraft features a 1.3 gallon capacity for up to one hour of riding time, a top speed of around 15 mph, the ability to run over concrete, asphalt, grass, or shallow wet areas, aluminum, an aluminum frame with fiberglass, a high-impact plastic shell, and rubber surround, and skateboard-style steering. Beware Florida residents: you'll have to pony up sales tax if you want an Air Board to call your own.

  • Excelsior Dawes Hovercraft

    Boasting one of the highest price tags of any item ever featured on Uncrate, the Excelsior Dawes Hovercraft ($65 million) is also one of the most hardcore. This 179-foot, military-grade hovercraft was designed for landing troops and transports on enemy shores, boasting two stabilized multiple rocket launchers, four portable air defense missile systems, enough room to hold three tanks and 140 troops, complete with living quarters, life support, and nuclear, biological, and chemical protection areas, and a square-shaped pontoon structure for a rugged, stable platform at sea. For those of you not planning a hostile attack on Richard Branson's private island, the Seal Hovercraft ($12,000) is a more sensible option, with a 14-foot length, 2-3 person capacity, and no lethal weapons to worry about. [Thanks, Chris]

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