Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

While it certainly won't replace the navigation technology typical of most airplanes, the Garmin D2 Pilot Watch ($450) would definitely be a pilot's best friend in a tight spot. While it includes everything you would expect from a standard aviator watch, it also packs in all the goodies typical of a Garmin navigation device. Its features include the ability to load in a flight plan and view it on a small map on the watch face, as well as an NRST button that will guide you to the nearest airport in case the worst happens. In addition, the watch includes a compass, horizontal situation indicator, ground speed indicator, and an altimeter.

  • Henry Singer x Bamford Custom Rolex Daytona Watch

    Your wrist-wear game could use a boost, and we have just the thing to take it to the next level — the Henry Singer x Bamford Custom Rolex Daytona Watch ($TBA). This heavily-customized Rolex Daytona is the result of a collaboration between Bamford Watch Department (known for their watch personalization services) and Henry Singer (a 75-year-old menswear house). Both have teamed up to bring you a timepiece that features matte black titanium coating, a mechanical self-winding chronograph, a stainless steal base, an oyster case, and an adjustable oyster lock flip bracelet.

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

    While wearable devices may still feel like the stuff of science fiction, they are very much a reality — as evidenced by the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch ($300). This watch does so much more than simply tell time, thanks to its ability to pair with any Samsung Galaxy device. For example, it will discreetly notify you of a new text message, let you preview its contents, and then instantly open it on your larger device. Other powerful features include the ability to interact with music, letting you browse, pause, play, skip, or adjust volume. A built-in microphone, bluetooth connectivity, a video and still camera, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a pedometer further extend the usefulness of this handy watch. Available in October.

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