Garmin Viago

Thanks to our phones' built-in Maps applications, most people quit using standalone GPS units — and standalone GPS apps, for that matter — a long time ago. Garmin Viago is hoping to change all that. This premium navigation app offers online access to maps for many destinations around the world, as well as built-in features like current speed and speed limit, lane assist, weather information, in-map traffic display, and photo-realistic junction views. And if that's not enough, a number of add-ons are available for adding offline map access, real-time traffic with automatic rerouting, and even Garmin Real Directions, which gives you turn-by-turn directions by using landmarks, buildings, stop signs, and traffic lights instead of road names or numbers.

  • Spyglass

    Yes, your iPhone has built-in Maps with navigation. But it can't hold a candle to the power of Spyglass. This beefy app was designed for outdoor and off-road navigation, giving you options for augmented reality navigation, the ability to navigate by the stars, the ability to save your custom places and waypoints, show them on maps and on the augmented reality display, and then navigate precisely to them later. Oh, and it also serves as binoculars, a compass, a speedometer, an altimeter, a rangefinder, and an angular calculator.

  • Openbay

    No matter how reliable your vehicle may be, eventually you're going to need to get it serviced. Openbay makes it easy to find somewhere to take it. This handy app uses your location, make, model, and what you need done to search nearby service professionals, showing you prices, location, ratings, reviews, and amenities, and then lets you book and pay for your appointment right from the app. It even stores your maintenance history in the app, so you can clean out that old stack of papers you've been keeping in the glove compartment.

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