GE Link LED Light Bulb

We all know that LED bulbs are the future, what with their long life and power-sipping prowess. Now you can upgrade to LED and make your lighting smarter with the GE Link LED Light Bulb. Thanks to a microchip built into the bulb, they can communicate with your iPhone or iPad — via the Wink app — letting you turn them on or off or even dim them from anywhere you can find an Internet connection.

  • Saffron Drift Light

    It's rather counterintuitive that a light bulb would be designed around helping you sleep better, but that's the case with the Saffron Drift Light. Powered by high-efficiency LEDs, the Drift puts out warmer light than most bulbs — which is good for melatonin production — and mimics the natural sunset by slowly dimming over 37 minutes, providing a smooth transition to sleep. Need a little bit of light on? Not to worry, as it also has a Moonlight Mode that will keep you from taking up outlets with night lights.

  • Philips Clear LED Light Bulb

    Everyone who's been paying attention knows that LED light bulbs are the future — but up until now, they haven't looked like light bulbs. The Philips Clear LED Light Bulb does. Using an innovative, world-first lens, this insanely efficient bulb delivers the warm light of a traditional incandescent bulb in all directions, mimicking the output of a 40 Watt bulb while letting you see the light at work thanks to a clear, familiar body.

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