Generac Propane Generator

Sometimes you need power, but simply can't reach a power jack — like when you're camping, or working on a project far enough from your house that an extension cord simple isn't an option. For times like those, bring along a Generac Propane Generator ($610). This two-wheeled generator burns fuel from a standard 20 or 30 pound liquid propane tank, providing you with 3,250 watts of power wherever you need it without the nasty emissions of traditional gas-powered models.

  • Poler Wunder Bundler

    Yes, the Poler Wunder Bundler ($25) can keep your six-pack cold — but don't confuse it with a cooler. This versatile implement can also keep hot food warm, serve as padding for shock-sensitive gear, work as a reflector to attract attention in an emergency, become an impromptu baby-changing station, or just save your knees from getting dirty when taking low-angle shots outdoors. Let's see your Igloo do that.

  • Audubon Bird Call

    Given its simple appearance, we'd have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the Audubon Bird Call ($9) — if it hadn't been doing its job for over 70 years. Invented by Roger Eddy — who was also an author and a politic in the Connecticut state legislature — this simple call is made from cast zinc and birch wood in Rhode Island, and emits a generic tweeting noise that draws curious birds in.

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