General Mfg. Wilson Keyring

If you're simply looking for something elegant to hold your myriad keys, the General Mfg. Wilson Keyring ($10) is well worth a shot. Formed from a single piece of 1/8" brass wire, each ring measures a pocketable 2" x 1.125", can hold a completely unpocketable number of keys, and features a small enamel marking in one of three colors — red, blue, or grey — to help you easily identify which set you're grabbing (should you happen to own more than one).

  • The Man Hanger

    Many times you may find your manly attire too much for wimpy regular hangers to handle. For times like those, you need The Man Hanger ($25). Bent by hand from industrial-grade rebar, then sealed and coated to prevent rust and corrosion, it's rugged enough to handle even the heaviest of garments yet elegant enough to hang in even the most luxurious of closets. [Scouted by Carl]

  • Barrett Alley Smuggler's Belt

    Never mind the fact that it's quite stylish — the Barrett Alley Smuggler's Belt ($245) is good for far more than just handsomely holding up your pants. On the inside of this hand cut, hand sewn cowhide belt you'll find a hidden pocket that's only accessible after you open the hand forged iron buckle and take the belt off. Measuring just 1" x 3.5", you won't be fitting any huge items inside, but it's plenty large enough for carrying cash, microfiche, or a stash of any illicit substances you wouldn't want found.

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