GeoOrbital Powered Bicycle Wheel

You don't need to ditch your current ride to enjoy the benefits of electric power. You just need a GeoOrbital Powered Bicycle Wheel and a wrench. It combines a removable, rechargeable Panasonic battery with a 500W brushless motor to provide propulsion for up to 50 miles if you pedal, and up to 20 if you don't. The aerospace-grade aluminum frame keeps things in place while keeping weight down, and the clip-on throttle works just like a gas pedal, giving you access to speeds of up to 20 mph on-demand. Available in two sizes to fit nearly any bike.

  • Rossinavi x Pininfarina Aurea Yacht

    The first collaboration between the legendary design house and Italian yacht builder, the Rossinavi x Pininfarina Aurea Yacht is more than just a bunch of nautically-inspired lines. By moving its diesel-electric propulsion system to the center of the boat, they opened up a ton of outdoor area, making room for two pools, three decks, and the largest beach club in the 70-meter size range. As a result, the main cockpit is at the stern, while the bulk of the main deck houses the guest cabins, with the owner's quarters above.

  • Cirrus Vision Jet

    It isn't just the most affordable jet on the market. The Cirrus Vision Jet also promises to be among the easiest to fly. The result of a full decade of development, the Vision has a unique design, with a Williams turbofan placed in a "piggyback" configuration, between the distinctive V-shaped tail. Producing 1,800 pounds of thrust, it can take off in just over 2,000 feet, making it ideal for smaller airports, and has a top cruising speed of 345 mph, a top range of 1,380 miles, seating for up to seven adults, and a maximum operating altitude of 28,000 feet. It's the Garmin-built touchscreen controls that are the real breakthrough, though, making plotting your course as simple as tapping on a map. And should you be concerned about safety, know that its carbon fiber fuselage is hooked to a Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, ensuring you can get to the ground in one piece even in the event of a catastrophic system failure.

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