Gerber Myth Kit

When you're out in the field hunting game, you need every tool at your disposal if you want to do your best work — and the Gerber Myth Kit ($500) has you covered. With over a dozen tools, this kit includes everything you'd need for caping and dressing a range of game, for all locations and seasons. The included case unsnaps at the top, folding out letting you easily access your tools. Elastic lipped pockets hold each of the tools, including a field dress kit, a pocket folder, a folding saw, a drop point knife, a sheath knife, several lights, and more.

  • Shotgun Flower Shell

    Remember the hippies who placed flowers into the barrels of National Guardsmen's rifles in protest of the Vietnam War? Well, the Shotgun Flower Shell ($TBA) is somewhat similar in concept — instead of ammunition that takes life, these ones spread it, in the form of a harmless flower seed. It's essentially a 12-gauge shotgun shell, every bit like any shotgun shell you'd typically shoot, only instead of shot, this one is packed full of flower seeds (choose from poppies, peonies, cornflowers, sunflowers, lavender, sweet pea, and about half a dozen others). Using it is simple, just load up your shotgun, point it at the ground, and shoot.

  • Fimbulvetr Snowshoes

    Snowshoeing is probably not everyone's first choice for an exciting winter sport, but that may be because they haven't done it with Fimbulvetr Snowshoes. Constructed from Dupont Hytrel, a thermoplastic elastomer known for its combination of flexibility and strength, these snowshoes use a honeycomb pattern to help them flex naturally, while evenly distributing your weight over the snow. An all-direction hinge, lightweight construction, comfortable bindings, and steel Fenris crampons make walking almost as easy as it is on normal terrain, while providing a great fit and feel. And if that still doesn't get you excited about snowshoeing, you should at least get excited about not having to trudge through a foot or so of snow this winter.

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