Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept

For all their grand height, the roots of the giant sequoia don't go down very far — and thus they fall quickly when the trunk starts to rot. The Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept aims to merge architecture with nature, filling in the empty trunks with spaces for education, observation decks, labs, and exhibitions. In addition to providing usable human space inside, the design's central core and the lattice-like exterior attached to the bark would help keep the tree upright long after its roots would have failed.

Photos: Ko Jinhyeuk, Cheong Changwon, Cho Kyuhyung, Choi Sunwoong

  • Orion Cycling Navigation

    Knowing the route to your destination isn't the only way to help improve your urban cycling experience. Orion Cycling Navigation would help you maximize your efficiency by giving you info on traffic lights as well. Created by designer Clement Dauchy, it displays the direction on a LED ring placed on the outer portion of the disc-like computer, while the inner color e-paper display gives you details like the distance to the next stop light, and how long you have before it changes. As a result, you can time your ride to hit only green lights, limiting your stops and getting you from place to place as quickly as possible.

  • Endless Runway Circular Airport

    Traditional airports are are the mercy of wind directions and speeds when it comes to takeoffs and landings. This limits their capacity and can also cause delays. The Endless Runway Circular Airport is a new concept that would use a circular, 3.5 km banked runway to ensure planes always land and take off with a headwind. Big enough to fit even a major hub airport inside, it would also take up less space than some conventional layouts, allow up to three planes to take off or land at once, and seamlessly adjust to the conditions outside without needing to make runway changes.

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