Get the most out of your iPhone (or pretty much any smartphone out there), whether you're shooting photos or catching up on today's news, with the Glif ($30) tripod mount and smartphone stand. This simple device can mount to any standard tripod, letting you get the most out of that little camera you bring everywhere. Better still, it adjusts to fit any phone thanks to the included hex key, so it can prop up your phone at various angles to maximize your viewing pleasure. Being made from recyclable rubberized plastic is just an added bonus.

  • Impossible Instant Lab

    There is something special about holding a photograph in your hands. It's how some of us grew up, but in a rapidly changing digital world, it's not how many collect memories anymore. The Impossible Instant Lab ($299) is designed to bridge the gap between digital and analog instant photography. This compact and portable device transforms digital images into unique instant photographs like nothing since the Polaroid itself. It features a four element, high-quality, coated glass lens, along with a metal dark slide and shutter mechanism. It works completely differently than other instant printers on the market, because it's analog, not digital.

  • Artiphon Instrument 1

    We're still amazed at the music people create with nothing more than an iPhone and Garageband — but watching someone play with their phone on stage sounds a bit like our last date. So, in an attempt to make playing music on a phone more entertaining, Artiphon created the Instrument 1 ($800). It's an ergonomic body, made from hardwood, that houses your iPhone or iPod Touch and lends a more tactile quality to playing music digitally. With a virtual fingerboard and strum pad, it actually feels like a real instrument. And with plenty of audio outputs and two integrated speakers, it sounds good too.

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