Glow Smart Energy Tracker

Tracking your home's energy use has obvious benefits — but doing so has typically required complicated, potentially dangerous installation steps. The Glow Smart Energy Tracker makes it easy. Its wireless tracking unit uses magneto-resistive sensing to measure your home's energy consumption directly from your meter box, yet installs in just seconds with no wiring required. That data is sent to the in-home unit, which processes it and uses its top-mounted light that changes colors from green to red depending on your current usage. It'll also send you a notification if it notices extended high usage, like if you left the oven on or the fridge door open, and can even help you set and hit energy usage goals.

  • Dell Visor Headset

    When it was first unveiled, Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality platform seemed like something out of sci-fi. With the Dell Visor Headset, it's finally becoming more product than concept. Using wall-mounted sensors and inside-out tracking cameras, it provides an immersive experience via twin 1440 x 1440 displays and 90 Hz refresh rates. It flips up when paused to let you reconnect with the world around you, has plentiful cushioning for comfort, and has an HDMI connection to your computer to keep you from straying too far.

  • Luna Display

    Astropad gave us our first taste of how well the iPad can function as an extension of your Mac. The company's Luna Display takes the idea to its logical conclusion, letting the iPad serve as an external monitor. Leveraging a physical connection to your Mac and proprietary Liquid technology, it provides lag-free, graphics card-driven performance wirelessly. It can also do something no other external setup can: let you manipulate the OS using just your fingers, and draw right on the screen with the Apple Pencil. Available for Mini DisplayPort or USB-C and compatible with most modern Macs and iPads.

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