Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

It doesn't matter if you're preparing an emergency kit or simply looking for a way to power your wilderness weekend getaway shack — the Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator ($1,800) has you covered. This silent generator charges up its 1250 Watt Hour battery in just 24 hours using the dual included solar panels, which allows it to power critical appliances like refrigerators and AC units while also charging up your gadgets with three USB ports, all without the nasty fumes and miserable sound associated with traditional gas generators.

  • Basecamp Fridge/Freezer

    Whether you're planning a long trip or just looking for a way to keep perishables fresh while you flee your power-challenged area, the Basecamp Fridge/Freezer ($860) has you covered. Thanks to an advanced power system, it can run off your car's 12V DC power system on the road, and transition to standard AC power once you've arrived, and can run while your vehicle is turned off — but will turn itself off before you run your battery dry. Other features include a massive 63-quart capacity, a temperature range of 0º-45ºF, and a remote wireless readout to keep tabs on the temperature inside.

  • Wibit Sports Park 60

    Whether you're trying to run your own mini-waterpark or just want to add a full-on play area to your private lake, the Wibit Sports Park 60 ($TBA) has you covered. This massive inflatable structure measures roughly 130' by 105', uses three electric pumps to inflate in just three hours, and offers a curved bridge, a cliff, a slide, a mini-pond, long jump and high jump areas, a trampoline, a swing, a free floating catapult, an "action tower", a ramp, a balance beam, and, of course, a podium for the winners of your own drunken Wipeout-style games. [Scouted by Mark]

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