Forget the trailer and landings — with the GoBoat, you have a personal fishing boat that can fit in your backseat or trunk. It has a round design with an inflatable ring around the edge and a stable platform in the center that supports both standing and seated positions, as well as any simple trolling motor. The result is a versatile, highly-portable watercraft that sets up in minutes, doesn't require a dock, and also doubles as a bumper boat for less serious on-the-water fun. Made in the USA.

  • Snoped

    Marrying a snowmobile-style track with a cafe racer-like posture, the Snoped is perhaps the sleekest snow speeder around. Its monolithic black aluminum body with exposed screws, puffy black seat, and vertical headlight and taillight looks like something straight out of the first order, while the lightweight chassis, 90cc motor, and Chrysler Sno-runner track ensures it's more than a mere prop. Sadly no word on whether designer Joey Ruiter or builder Jeff Long plan to make more.

    Photos: Dean Van Dis, Brian Kelly

  • Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht

    Dubbed the "Silver Arrow of the Seas", the Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht translates the three-pointed star's car design language to the water. Measuring roughly 46 feet from stern to bow, the boat has classic automotive proportions and a hybrid design that combines the feeling of an open boat with the benefits of a hull cabin vessel. The interior, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is lined in eucalyptus wood, and has an upscale bathroom, separate dressing room, and a host of luxe standard features like a wine "cellar", ice-making machine, high-end audio system and air conditioning. Of course, it's no slouch performance-wise, either, with two diesel engines providing a total output of 960 hp, giving it a cruising speed of 30 knots and a top speed over 40, depending on the load. Just 10 boats will be made, with a limit of one per country.

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