Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary Guitar

If you're looking for the perfect balance between acoustic sound and electric power, then the Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary Guitar ($1,250) is the guitar for you. This gorgeous guitar has a rock maple neck, a rosewood or maple fingerboard, and a two-chamber mahogany body. As a limited edition, it celebrates forty years of making the original electric-acoustic hybrid guitar. It features a mini-humbucker pickup, custom under saddle transducer, and a custom preamp with volume, mid, treble, and bass controls, as well as individual controls for the pickup.

  • PocketStrings

    If you want to practice the guitar, but often find yourself in less-than-guitar-friendly places (class, conference rooms, the jury box), PocketStrings ($25 and $30) might be just what you need. It comes in two models, one with four frets that's great for playing chords, and one with six frets that's perfect for scales. It has genuine guitar strings and a strum pad to keep your rhythm right — so it feels almost like the real thing, only without the noise. Collapses down to fit comfortably in a pocket or bag.

  • Melon

    "Know thyself" isn't just an ancient aphorism or something cool written above the Oracle's door — it's sound advice. Melon ($100) is a new gadget that aims to help you on this quest by measuring your ability to focus. It does this via a wireless headband that uses EEG to measure brain activity, and an app that uses this information to monitor your focus, letting you tag each session with the activity you were doing, environment, behavior, and more. It also doesn't look too ridiculous — it comes in black or white — and is expected to ship in November. [Scouted by Ryan]

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