Google Street View

From the time it first debuted as part of Google Maps, Street View has been one of the mapping world's most interesting features. Now it's got an app of its own. The aptly-named Google Street View lets you explore the world one 360-degree view at a time. It offers a map view for finding places by location, a Gallery for exploring the most popular places on Earth, and even lets you create your own panoramas, either using the camera on your phone, or in a single click with a connected spherical camera. You can then upload your captures to Google Maps, or store them in a Private section of the app for discreet viewing.

  • Monument Valley

    Impeccably designed and hopelessly addicting, Monument Valley is the rare game that's both simple and surprisingly deep. Winner of multiple awards, this puzzler places you in a world of incredible isometric architecture, and has you guide a princess through the mazes by twisting, dragging, and otherwise tapping your way to safety. The visuals are stunning, but the audio is equally well-crafted, so be sure to throw on a pair of headphones before you begin.

  • Off The Menu

    You might not realize it, but In N' Out and Chipotle aren't the only places around with secret menus. Off The Menu can fill you in on otherwise unlisted menu items from eateries both casual and formal across the country. Broken up by city, this comprehensive list of stealth menu items includes descriptions for each dish, letting you order like a local even if you're visiting for the first time from the opposite coast.

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