Goorin Bros. Heisenberg Hat

With the final installment of Breaking Bad set to debut next month, devotees of the greatest show ever are all on edge, awaiting to find out how things will wrap up. Enter, "The One Who Knocks", aka Walter White, aka Heisenberg, and his signature pork-pie hat. This limited edition Goorin Bros. Heisenberg Set ($195) includes custom hat pins, an American-crafted hat box, and of course, the only wool felt lid worthy of any anti-hero. Only 1,895 of these sets will be made, so fire up the Aztek, and head to the Goorin Bros. hat shop in San Diego.

  • Castle Brook Paralaces

    The most rugged boots around won't do you much good in the wilderness if your laces can't hold up to the abuse. With Castle Brook Paralaces ($6-$8), that won't be an issue. These hand-crafted bootlaces claim to the toughest available, thanks to seven-strand construction with 550 lb-tested Nylon Kernmantle rope, aglets made from polyolefin plastics that literally bind and mesh with the nylon fibers underneath, becoming one with the lace, and a lifetime guarantee. Try finding one of those for the laces that came with your shoes.

  • Tanner Driver Glove

    Driving is fun. Driving in the snow and cold can be fun. But driving with cold hands? Never fun. This Tanner Driver Glove ($75) keeps the fun factor high and your digits warm with authentic deerskin that starts out supple — to give you better feel behind the wheel — and further and softens and conforms to your hands over time, until it's almost a part of you. A part that you can take off when the weather gets warm. Which is good, because you'd look rather suspicious rolling around with gloves on during the summer.

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