GoPro Fusion Spherical Camera

It's built for VR, yet the GoPro Fusion Spherical Camera has a lot to offer traditional content producers as well. It captures fully spherical video at 30 fps 5.2K resolution, making it ideal for virtual reality rigs. Thanks to the company's OverCapture reframing solution, you can also crop HD-quality videos and photos out of the raw footage, giving you multiple creative avenues on every shoot. As you'd expect, it's also highly compact and compatible with a wide range of GoPro mounts. Currently available for testing via a pilot program, with a commercial release expected before the end of the year.

  • Beoncam Wrist Camera

    With the look of a smartwatch and a camera comparable to the one you'd find in your smartphone, the Beoncam Wrist Camera can capture you and the world around you in 360-degree HD. The world's first removable 5MP panoramic camera housed in a smartwatch is lightweight, compact, and splash proof. Beoncam is also built with an always on single touch system that is paired with a long-lasting rechargeable battery so you can capture a moment quickly and easily. Take 360-degree photos and videos or live stream your next adventure or spontaneous moment. You can even pop it out of the watch band and attach it to a backpack, bike, or tripod. Available for IOS and Android, the Beoncam app gives you remote control to the camera as well, so you can capture photos and video when it's outside of arm's reach.

  • Pentax KP Camera

    As camera makers have slowed their pace on packing ever higher megapixel counts into their wares, a new focus has emerged: low-light photography. With a maximum ISO of 819,200, the new Pentax KP Camera aims to produce outstanding images even in near-darkness. That potent 24 megapixel APS-C sensor is packed into slim, ruggedized body that's both dustproof and weather-sealed, yet still offers a five-axis shake reduction system and a vertically-tilting LED monitor.

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