GP2X Personal Entertainment Player

GP2X Personal Entertainment Player

For all of you tinkerers out there who just aren’t satisfied with the PSP’s closed operating system, we have the gadget for you. The GP2X Personal Entertainment Player ($190) runs a linux operating system and features Dual CPU Cores, 64MB of NAND Flash Memory, a 3.5” screen, an SD slot, and comes pre-loaded with video, music and photo software and MAME, NES, and SNES emulators for an almost unlimited number of gaming options. Plus, the operating system is open — allowing the growing homebrew community endless freedom to expand the machine’s capabilities.

  • Gran Turismo Cockpit

    We love our Gran Turismo here at Uncrate, so we were thrilled when we saw this — the Gran Turismo Cockpit ($TBA). It features a fully adjustable driving position, a pedal platform with left foot rest, and is made from high quality materials and goods — such as the Logitech steering wheel. Now we’re not sure this makes us want to even think about running the 24hr. Nurburgring race, but it’s certainly cool enough to make us play GT4 back through. [via Engadget]

  • Xbox 360

    As pretty serious gamers, we are really looking forward to all the next-generation consoles, but up until now we didn’t have a release date for any of them. The Xbox 360 ($400; available Nov. 22) features wireless controllers, an “all games in HD” guarantee, a huge bonus for those of us out there with HDTVs, astounding graphical capabilities, a 20 GB hard drive, three 3.2 GHz processors, well, you get the idea — this thing is going to kick some major ass.

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