Graava Action Camera

It doesn't shoot in 4K or super slow-mo, but unlike the footage you capture with most wearable cams, the video you shoot with the Graava Action Camera won't end up collecting dust on an external drive. That's because it uses a combination of sensors and intelligent software to detect the most exciting portions of your video, then automatically edits it down into something that's instantly shareable. It can even edit video shot with more than one camera, so you can get different angles in the same clip — all you need to do is drop it on the wireless charger stand and let it go to work.

  • Nokia Ozo

    It looks like an orb from the future. And in some ways, it is. Built to capture virtual reality-ready video, the Nokia Ozo isn't actually round — it has a handle around back so you can hold it or set it on a tripod. But you wouldn't know it from the video it captures. Using eight synchronized global shutter image sensors and eight integrated microphones, it shoots stereoscopic 3D video, with software for real-time viewing and playback without the need to pre-assemble the image. It's your Oculus Rift's new best friend.

  • E1 4K Video Camera

    There are plenty of action cameras that shoot 4K video. There are Micro Four Thirds cameras that do the same. But only the E1 4K Video Camera blends the size and simplicity of an action cam with the ability to use nearly any Micro Four Thirds lens. It can capture cinematic 4096x2160 video at 24 fps or UHD TV-ready 3840x2160 at 30 fps, with 3D noise filters to reduce and/or remove noise, jitter, ghosting, and blurring. It has a robust die-cast magnesium housing that helps dissipate heat, and built-in wireless for controlling and live-streaming content from the camera right on your phone.

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