Gramophone for iPhone & iPad

Most speakers built for the iPhone and iPad involve some sort of electronics. The Gramophone for iPhone & iPad ($200-$300) does its work naturally. Simply set your device in the handcrafted, solid wood base, and the built-in iron and brass horn will amplify its volume by three to four times, all while looking amazing. A terrific blend of old and new.

  • Artiphon Instrument 1

    We're still amazed at the music people create with nothing more than an iPhone and Garageband — but watching someone play with their phone on stage sounds a bit like our last date. So, in an attempt to make playing music on a phone more entertaining, Artiphon created the Instrument 1 ($800). It's an ergonomic body, made from hardwood, that houses your iPhone or iPod Touch and lends a more tactile quality to playing music digitally. With a virtual fingerboard and strum pad, it actually feels like a real instrument. And with plenty of audio outputs and two integrated speakers, it sounds good too.

  • Truffol iPhone Cases

    We're pretty crazy about our iPhones — some of us are so crazy we refuse to put cases on them, lest we sully their near-perfect appearance. But that kind of stubbornness can get us in trouble, resulting in cracked glass, scratched aluminum, and an expensive repair bill. With Truffol iPhone Cases ($75), you can protect your beloved phone without making it look like a turd. Available in either stainless steel or Italian leather, and precision CNC milled for a perfect fit, it's the next best thing to going nude. Only available for the iPhone 5.

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