Grandpa's FireGrill

We're not sure exactly what it has to do with grandfathers, but we can tell you that Grandpa's FireGrill could come in handy on your next outdoor adventure. Made from stainless steel, this durable basket features a wire mechanism that securely attaches to any stick, holding your food safely inside and ensuring it won't end up in the fire. In addition, it can be locked in place when folded out, serving as a gridiron for any campsite delicacies you can dream up.

  • Z.A.P.S. Survival Grenade

    No, it's not a real grenade — instead, the Marine-designed, USA-made Z.A.P.S. Survival Grenade is a compact, waterproofed kit designed to keep you alive in any situation. Inside the 45-feet of paracord, you'll find a steel shackle, a load bearing spring clip, a compass, a wire saw, three wire snares, a fire starter, three pieces of tinder, 30 feet of fishing line, three fish hooks, six sinkers, two barrel swivels, a knife blade, a sheet of aluminum foil, a gallon Ziploc bag, three stormproof matches with striker, a large needle, 20 feet of black thread, six water purification tablets, a whistle, duct tape, and a laminated users guide. Extensive, to say the least.

  • Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat

    Sailing is one of the most amazing things you can do on the water, but not everyone has the means to either keep a sailboat docked somewhere when it's not in use or haul it back and forth to the water. That's where the Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat. Billed as the very first high-performance sailing dinghy, it's 10.5 feet long, features a 56 sq.ft or 75 sq.ft sail, weighs just 111 lbs., and can accommodate two adults or one adult and two children. There's a also a pair of airtight compartments, but the bigger deal is the two included bags that it folds down into (in less than 20 minutes), making it a breeze to haul to and from the shoreline.

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