Grass Armchair

Grass Armchair

No, not that kind of grass — the Grass Armchair ($235) is made from a different organic material — the grass that grows on your lawn. The kit is a simple cardboard frame that you put together, fill and cover with dirt, populate with grass seeds, and water until you have the perfect outdoor throne. Sitting on the lawn has never been so fun.

  • Dutchtub

    What's the biggest problem with hot tubs? They pretty much have to stay in one place. The Dutchtub ($7,200) is a portable hot tub that warms its water by way of connected outer pipes that coil around a fire basket, letting a natural fire do the work of warming the water all the way up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a wine bottle holder with space for ice to keep your white/bubbly cool while you stay warm in the water. With available BBQ, chimney, and trailer accessories, we can't wait to get our hands on one and take it to the closest beach we can find — which unfortunately for us is hours and hours away.

  • Semi-Pro Croquet Game

    Although in many places the game of croquet has been overtaken by drunken battles of cornhole or horseshoes, croquet is still an enjoyable time, and can be made even more enjoyable by the quality and convenience of this Semi-Pro Croquet Game ($170). This Italian-made set includes four hand-carved beech mallets, regulation-size balls, metal wickets, and striped stakes, all of which go on the included trolley when not in use. So go ahead, make a lazy afternoon of it with some croquet and afternoon tea — your family (and your liver) will thank you.

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