Green Machine

A gas-powered, adult-sized big wheel? Count us in. The Green Machine ($75,000) is categorized as a three-wheeled motorcycle, but its looks — inspired by the classic pedaled tricycle of the same name — scream out "toy", even as its Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo engine pushes you along at speeds of up to 50 mph. Other features include a six-speed transmission, a range of 400 miles, and the ability to attract ridiculous amounts of attention. [Scouted by Scott]

  • Exo Watercraft

    Somewhere between a jet ski and a boogie board lies the Exo Watercraft ($TBA). Crafted from reinforced ABS plastic or carbon fiber, the Exo is a solid, lay down-style watercraft that's powered by your choice of a 3.5, 4.5, or 7Kwh electric engine and removable battery packs that run a silent water-jet propulsion system, letting you skim across the top of the water with speed and unnatural control, while creating no emissions and no noise. Just the thing for stealth beer runs from the boat back to shore.

  • Ford E-Bike Concept

    Apparently someone decided that building four-wheel vehicles just wasn't enough. The Ford E-Bike Concept ($TBA) is the storied automaker's look at two-wheeled transportation, and true to typical automotive concepts, it features a tech-filled spec sheet that includes a trapezoidal frame made from aluminum and carbon composite, six-spoke V-design wheels, a hidden carbon belt drive system, a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub, a Shimano Rapidfire shifter, an electric powertrain with a motor in the front wheel hub and a lithium ion battery, a range of over 50 miles per charge, and a handlebar-mounted display to keep tabs on the whole thing. As for when — or where — you might be able to buy one? Your guess is as good as ours.

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