Groove Sharpener

Groove Sharpener

Get your clubs ready for the upcoming golf season with the Groove Sharpener ($20). Available in three styles, this handy little tool restores the sharp edges to the grooves on your irons and wedges, letting you get maximum spin and control of the ball, and saving your old clubs from being relegated to the used bin at the local golf shop.

  • Burton Vapor Snowboard

    This "smoke-weight" snowboard will make you feel like you're riding on air. Known as the lightest board on the slopes, the Burton Vapor Snowboard ($750) has an Alumafly core that combines aluminum honeycomb technology and Multizone EGD wood-grain construction, along with Carbon Vaporskin Lite technology (the same stuff found on space shuttles) to give you a super lightweight board that'll have you slicing and dicing all day.

  • TaylorMade R9 Driver

    Start your golfing season off right with the most adjustable, customizable driver ever. The TaylorMade R9 Driver (TBA; March 2009) can adjust to your game by offering user-configurable center of gravity, face angle, loft, and lie, giving you up to 75 yards of side-to-side adjustability — enough to correct even the nastiest of slices. It's like 24 drivers in One.

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