GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery Set

Ditch those flimsy, disposable forks, spoons, and knives you've been bringing camping and pick up a set that will last, the GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery Set ($16). It's made from halulite, an anodized alloy made to be light (the set weighs an almost-unnoticeable 1.8 ounces) without sacrificing strength. Each utensil clips onto an included carabiner, so nothing will get lost in your bag.

  • Coleman Steel Belted Chest Cooler

    Based on Coleman's original steel cooler from 1954, the new Coleman Steel Belted Chest Cooler ($173) is a modern classic. It features a rugged, stainless steel lid and case, handles with rubber comfort grips, a solid steel latch for a better, more secure seal, more robust insulation, and a leak-proof, rust resistant drain. Just add ice, food, and beer.

  • Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

    Avoid becoming another cautionary tale on the next Shark Week with Shark Deterrent Wetsuits ($450). While sharks have pretty sophisticated senses for hunting down prey, they depend a lot on their sight to actually locate and target their next meal. These wet suits use specialized patterns to break up and diffuse light, making your shape harder to discern, and ultimately making it harder for a shark to see you. The Diverter has a striped pattern that is best suited for diving and snorkeling in murky waters, while the Elude Mid is made for diving in the shallows, and the Elude Dark works well in the deep.

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