Learning to play a musical instrument can be a real pain — especially if you haven't already spent most of your life practicing — but with Gtar, you can make learning to play the guitar just a little bit easier. Made to work with your iPhone, this guitar features a multi-touch LED fretboard that lights up, showing you exactly what to play. Best yet, it's built exactly like a guitar, with genuine strings and working frets, so anything you learn translates directly to the real thing. And with multiple purpose-built apps, you can learn more, create music, and play existing songs, learning to play a guitar has never been so easy.

  • Cruise RP-1 Highway Autopilot

    Why wait around for Google's driverless cars when you can take the driving out of your hands right now? The Cruise RP-1 Highway Autopilot can't get you in and out of the parking garage, but what it can do is completely replace the cruise control in your 2012 or later Audi A4 or S4, using a combination of RADAR, cameras, GPS, and inertial sensors to make sure you stay in your lane, a safe distance away from the car in front of you, and even stop you if you encounter traffic. It does so by controlling the steering, throttle, and braking, getting you one step closer to being able to stare at your phone your whole commute home.

  • LaMetric Smart Ticker

    Bring a little piece of the Internet into your real-world living space with the LaMetric Smart Ticker. This nifty little gadget sports a slim, sleek build, a speaker for letting you know when it's updated, and a face that's dominated by an 8x8 pixel logo and a 29x8 pixel white information screen. What goes on that screen? Pretty much anything you want. Thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi connection and a nifty companion app, you can display anything from the weather or time — how boring — to countdown tickers, fitness metrics, facebook likes, stock prices, email subjects, live PayPal balances — you get the picture. And thanks to a trio of buttons on the top, you can tap your way through a few options if you get tired of seeing how many people didn't like your last Facebook post.

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