Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Now that St. Patrick's Day is in our rearview mirror, you might not have Guinness on your mind. But if you're limiting yourself to Guinness Draught then you're doing yourself a disservice. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout was the last recipe dreamt up by Arthur Guinness himself back in 1801, two years before he died. Designed for export, this beer is turned up to 7.5% ABV, but still carries many of the same qualities that you've come to love from the other beers in the Guinness line. Despite being their top seller internationally, FES is criminally underrated in the United States, and is more than worthy of a spot in your fridge.

  • Founders KBS Beer

    A staple of the rising craft beer culture are release events for special beers, done once a year and many times at the brewery only. KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) from Founders Brewing might be the best of these releases, and you can find it outside of the brewery walls as well. KBS is an imperial stout brewed with an ungodly amount of chocolate and coffee, and then aged in bourbon barrels for a full year. The other bourbon barrel coffee stouts are imitators, while KBS is the innovator. Don't pass up a chance to try this highly acclaimed beer this spring.

  • Beachwood Brewing Melrose IPA

    There is something special about a fresh IPA from the West Coast, and there is something even more special about one from Beachwood Brewing. Melrose IPA is a fantastic representation of a true West Coast IPA, brimming with fresh, sticky, hop resins. The aromatic value alone fills your senses and the taste delivers as well, with loads of tropical fruit and more sticky hops. And it finishes as clean and refreshing as a dip in the surf of the Pacific Ocean.

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