Hacker Craft Neiman Marcus Edition Speedboat

Hacker Craft Neiman Marcus Edition Speedboat

Enjoy the timeless art of boating aboard an equally timeless watercraft with the Hacker Craft Neiman Marcus Edition Speedboat ($250,000). This 27-foot solid mahogany vessel takes 1,400 hours to build — by hand, of course — and offers features such as a Mercury 8.2 High Output engine producing 425hp, a gold-leafed waterline, underwater lighting, a deep violet bottom, cream-colored seating, GPS, a refrigerator, a monogrammed humidor, and a premium stereo system. In addition, $3,000 of the purchase goes to the Double H Ranch, a program that provides year-round support for families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

  • Brembo Helmets

    We're not sure exactly what designing brakes has to do with designing helmets — beyond safety — but that hasn't stopped Brembo from bringing their high-performance chops to the world of headgear. Brembo Helmets ($TBA) come in two models — the chin-covering B-Tech and the open-chinned B-Jet — both of which offer features like the Automatic Fit Belt fastening system, a visor with added space and a wider visual angle for added safety, and a skin-friendly strap that won't leave the underside of your chin looking like it had an encounter with an angry Brillo pad.

  • Exo Watercraft

    Somewhere between a jet ski and a boogie board lies the Exo Watercraft ($TBA). Crafted from reinforced ABS plastic or carbon fiber, the Exo is a solid, lay down-style watercraft that's powered by your choice of a 3.5, 4.5, or 7Kwh electric engine and removable battery packs that run a silent water-jet propulsion system, letting you skim across the top of the water with speed and unnatural control, while creating no emissions and no noise. Just the thing for stealth beer runs from the boat back to shore.

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