HAL 9000

Well, it doesn't come with the Discovery One, but this HAL 9000 ($500) is the closest you'll come to that ship's charismatic AI controller. Based on actual studio blueprints, this incredibly detailed, hand-assembled replica features a custom-ground fish-eye lens with a sticker to replicate the writing on the original Nikkor lens, a red LED eye, the ability to speak one of 15 movie quotes, the ability to respond to voices, the ability to respond to IR commands, and aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

  • Omega Headphone Stands

    The curved shape of on- or over-ear headphones makes them comfortable to wear, but also makes them a pain to display. Omega Headphone Stands ($180) solve this problem by offering a simple Omega-shaped stand, formed from a single piece of wood, coated in matte clear lacquer, and available in cherry, maple, walnut, or zebrano finishes. As a bonus, it should help in keeping your cord untangled, but we know you're really just worried about keeping your Beats out where everyone can seem 'em.

  • ioSafe Solo G3 Hard Drive

    Have some data that you need protected? Store it on an ioSafe Solo G3 Hard Drive ($400). This external USB 3.0 drive is both fireproof — up to 1550º for 30 minutes — and waterproof — down to 10 ft. for up to 72 hours. It's also nearly silent, compatible with Kensington locks and padlocks, and includes backup and encryption software. But the real kicker is the ioSafe Data Recovery Service, which provides a one-time data and hardware recovery, no questions asked.

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