Hammerhead Bike Navigation

Make getting where you're going easier and safer — whether you're commuting to work, or meeting up with friends for a long-distance group cruise — with Hammerhead Bike Navigation ($85). Instead of the graphical display typical of most navigation devices, this one uses a series of colored LEDs as indicators, creating intuitive patterns that can be interpreted in your peripheral vision. As an added benefit, the device syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, letting you adjust the indicators, save and share routes, and even meet up with friends. And for those times when you're without a cellular signal, you can save routes to your phone and the onboard compass will still guide you along your way.

  • Natural Log Skateboards

    Stand out from the rest of the crowd at the skate park — or on your route to work — with one of these Natural Log Skateboards ($100-$200). Made from either vertical grain bamboo, or recycled oak, these boards boards feature sustainable construction that doesn't look quite like your everyday board. Each board has two internal layers of tri-axial fiberglass that give it torsional strength, while Entropy Resins Super Sap epoxy gives the board a little extra bounce. They are available in a range of sizes and styles, depending on how you prefer to ride (whether you want a board for cruising, carving, or a classic board).

  • Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike

    You definitely don't need to jump out of the back of a plane to use a Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike ($775-$850), but you'd look a lot more badass if you did. These are the same bikes used by American military paratroopers, so you know they're built to handle punishment, while retaining the ability to collapse into a small, portable package. This makes them ideal for stashing in the trunk of your car, boat, RV, or plane — any vehicle where space is at a premium — and then quickly deploy them with no need for tools.

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