Hammerhead Snow Sled

Hammerhead Snow Sled

Take snow sleddding in a whole new direction with the Hammerhead snow sled ($299). This sled on steroids is described as having Ferrari-class handling and Cadillac-class comfort, and offers up a tight aluminum frame, dead on steering and suspension fabric seating. It also has a myriad of accessories to pimp it out with including taillights and reflector tape.

  • Vector Tough Brite Storm Tracker

    There are plenty of gadgets to fit in your pocket that can play AM/FM radio and your favorite TV shows, but how many of them double as a lantern and can be charged by a hand crank? The Vector Tough Brite Storm Tracker ($40) features weather band and AM/FM radio, a spotlight, a LED-based area light, and a 5 In. solid state UHF/VHF black and white television — everything you need to keep yourself amused/alive in a winter disaster. Except heat. And maybe food.

  • iGlove

    One of the more irritating aspects of cold weather comes into play when you try and use things with gloves on. Things like iPods, for instance. Now, with the iGlove ($35), at least you can use your iPods in warmth, thanks to Click Wheel compatible tips on the thumb and forefingers. Just make sure not to try and change tracks during a snowball fight.

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