Hanebrink All-Terrain Bike

While many of its specs make it a perfect fit for urban life, make no mistake: the Hanebrink All-Terrain Bike ($5,500 and up) is meant for the wilderness. A hybrid traditional/electric mountain bike, the Hanebrink features a carbon fiber seatpost and handle bars, Shimano cranks, chains, and deraileur, hydraulic disc brakes, Hanebrink hubs and wheels with 20x8 inch tubeless tires, and a run time of up to one hour with a single Lithium-Ion battery — or over five hours with added batteries on the rear rack — either of which powers a 600 Watt electric motor and gets you up to 20 mph; for faster travelling, or if you run out of juice, just pedal. [via]

  • Can-Am Commander

    Hit the trails with a comrade or just give high-speed tours of your spawling estate in the Can-Am Commander ($11,700 and up). These two-seater ATVs sport either a Rotax 800 or Rotax 1000 V-Twin EFI engine, both with class-leading fuel economy, a dual-level cargo box, a rollover protection system, anti-dive front-end geometry, and 10-gallon fuel tanks, all housed in stylish yellow/black or red/black bodies.

  • Cyglo Tyres

    Forget silly clip-on lights or day-glo outfits — now you can stay visibly safe during nighttime bike rides with Cyglo Tyres ($TBA). Equipped with motion sensors inside, these unique tires feature bright, high-powered LED lights inside the tread or wall that come on automatically as soon as you begin to move, making you highly visible to drivers who will probably ask themselves how you managed to steal a Tron light bike off the Disney lot.

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