Hangar 1 Vodka

As the craft distilling movement continues to grow, it's important to decipher the real deal from the big brands in sheep's clothing. Hangar 1® Vodka is the real deal, based in Alameda, CA and housed in an old World War II aircraft hangar where they distill their spirits, one batch at a time using hand-operated pot stills. Their Straight vodka is a unique blend of grapes and grains, giving it just the right balance of flavors.

Presented by Hangar 1 Vodka.

  • UV Sriracha Vodka

    After a long night of drinking, it's hard to top a great Bloody Mary the next day to help balance things out. UV Sriracha Vodka might be the most unique Bloody Mary ingredient on the market, combining all the things you love about Sriracha with a classic cocktail. It's peppery, savory and of course spicy. But don't worry, it won't set your mouth ablaze — but instead provides a remarkable balance for Bloody Marys or any cocktail in need of a little kick.

  • Oddka Vodka

    Catchy names will only get you so far. So it's a good thing that Oddka Vodka ($TBA) is more than just a clever moniker and cheeky line drawing label. This unusual brand is known for its equally unique flavors, including electricity, caramel popcorn, fresh cut grass, wasabi, and apple pie. While they're certainly fine by themselves, the majority of them all but beg for a clever mixologist to use them in drinks, giving you the ability to add a dash of Wasabi heat to your Bloody Mary, a fresh, summery bite to your Moscow Mule, or, well, we're not sure what you're supposed to do with electricity-flavored vodka — but we're positive someone will figure it out.

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