Hankie Notebook

Hankie Notebook

Pull double-duty on your next business outing with the Hankie Notebook ($10). This ingenious invention offers up 60 ruled pages of acid-free paper for your writing enjoyment, while the unique design resembles a folded handkerchief, letting the whole thing hide out in plain sight. Available in white, blue, or red, each with a subtle dot pattern. [Scouted by Shannon]

  • Steelcase Walkstations

    It doesn't take a scientist to tell you that sitting on your can all day isn't the healthiest of lifestyles, but if your work requires hour after hour of computer time, what else are you to do? Get yourself one of these Steelcase Walkstations ($4,400 and up). Designed specifically for working while you walk, the Walkstation integrates a treadmill — designed specifically to operate quietly at slow speeds — with an ergonomic, adjustable-height desk, keeping you on your feet and away from the doctor's office.

  • Slice Box Cutter

    If you're anything like us, you'll be doing as much of your holiday shopping as possible online — and that means lots and lots of boxes. To get all of those open with minimal effort and permanent scarring, we suggest the Slice Box Cutter ($20). A 2011 red dot Design Award Winner, the Slice sports a hand-sharpened, retractable, adjustable-length ceramic blade with a rounded tip to safely and quickly cut through tape and cardboard — but hopefully not the contents — while the unique design ensures your hand stays out of the way. [Scouted by Jerry]

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