Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair

When you're little, you sit in a chair and hug your teddy bear. When you're big, the chair hugs you. That's the whimsical idea behind the Hans Wegner's iconic Papa Bear Chair. Designed in 1951, this oversized seat has foam cushions and natural fiber stuffing for added cushioning. The arms wrap around you as you sit, with solid wood "paws" emerging at the ends that match the legs, and the seat angle encourages you to recline into the "hug." The example you see here has been meticulously restored, retains its original stamp, and arrives with a matching ottoman both finished in black leather.

  • No Rock Self-Stabilizing Tables

    Folded-up napkins. Menus. Books. We'll use nearly anything to keep our table from rocking while we're trying to dine. No Rock Self-Stabilizing Tables make the process a thing of the past by automatically adapting to uneven surfaces. The trick lies in its bottom legs and feet, which connect to the center independently, letting each sit at the correct angle to ensure a level surface up top. They adapt to nearly any top and come in five different styles to suit any decor.

  • Unamo 3Moods Transformable Couch

    The concept of transformable furniture has been attempted many times over the years, but it rarely comes out as well as the 3Moods Transforming Couch from Unamo Design. Functioning as a couch, a chaise lounge, or a table-and-chairs set, the 3Moods couch uses detachable components and magnetic straps to adapt to your furnishing needs while only taking up the space of a regular sofa or futon. And, built of Okoume laminated wood, chromed-iron supports, and durable, poly-woven upholstery, it may be transformable, but it's far from disposable.

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