Hanx Writer

You might not know it, but Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks) is somewhat of a manual typewriter enthusiast. In fact, he's more than that — with a knowledge of models and their intricacies that borders on encyclopedic, he's passionate about them. And now he's aiming to bring the joy of the typewriter to the iPad with Hanx Writer. This free app recreates the experience of typing on a manual typewriter, complete with on-screen "paper", documents with their own personality that can still be emailed/shared, and a bevy of available models, each of which has its own look and sound.

  • Steady Camera

    Your iPhone can already do a little stabilization of its own, but if you've ever tried to film while walking, running, riding a bike, or otherwise moving in a jumpy way, you know it can only do so much. On its own, anyway. Download Steady Camera, and you'll have a way better chance of coming out with great looking footage. This new app uses the gyroscope sensors in your phone to know where the camera is pointing, automatically compensating for abrupt movements to give you footage that looks smooth as a Steadicam. And slo-mo junkies are taken care of as well - with the ability to set start and end points, sharing is as easy as render and tap.

  • RootsRated

    Getting yourself outside is the easy part of enjoying the outdoors — it's finding somewhere worth going that's the problem. RootsRated hopes to solve it by offering up curated lists of outdoor experiences, vetted and recommended by local experts to ensure that they're the cream of the crop in whatever area you're searching. Find an ideal spot but don't have time to visit right now? Just add it to your Bucket List for safe keeping.

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