Hardcore Hammers

Hardcore Hammers

There are hammers, and then there are Hardcore Hammers ($60). These prolific pounders feature a milled core forged from the same steel as a jackhammer bit, a smooth outer rim to protect the traction surface — and your fingers — and legendary durability. What you build with all this awesomeness is up to you.

  • Wetterlings Axe Maker's Kit

    What's better than carrying around an axe? Carrying around an axe you made yourself. The Wetterlings Axe Maker's Kit ($140) includes everything you need to go from rough stick to finely-honed instrument, including two 20-inch pieces of American hickory, a hand-forged six-inch axe head from Swedish axe makers Wetterlings, wedges, and sandpaper, all of which should let you craft your own Swedish hunting axe that will serve you well for winters to come. [Thanks, Erik]

  • Gorillatorch Switchback

    Part lantern, part headlamp, the Gorillatorch Switchback is a versatile instrument that can help light the way, no matter what the circumstances. Its five LEDs include a flood light and a red lamp for night vision, adjustability from 5 to 130 lumens, and a unique casing that allows them to attach to your forehead using a comfortable strap or sit inside the lantern, which itself sits on Joby's now-legendary bendable tripod legs, letting you attach it to damn near anything but your head.

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