Hardcore Hatchets

Just because a tool is meant for work doesn't mean it has to be ugly. That's the idea behind the new line of Hardcore Hatchets ($45). Each handcrafted-in-the-USA axe has an 18-inch American Hickory handle that's painted or stained, giving each a unique look, while a sturdy 19 oz. head chops through firewood, small trees, and limbs with ease.

  • PLY90 Bracket

    Building things from scratch just got a whole lot easier. The PLY90 Bracket ($45 and up) is a new connector for building projects that lets you connect pieces of material together using nothing but some brackets and an Allen wrench. Desks, tables, shelves - you name it, you can build it. Just don't mind the gaps.

  • 3M Dual LED Safety Glasses

    We're not sure exactly why you'd need to be doing activities that require safety glasses without adequate lighting, but just in case you're the type of person who operates power tools in the middle of the woods at midnight, you'll want these Dual LED Safety Glasses. They feature two LED lights that last up to 50 hours of continuous use on a set of batteries, clear lenses that offer a 180 optically correct viewing area, and 99.9% UV protection, because you're so likely to wear these out in the sun.

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