Most dating apps look for things you and potential mates both like. Hater is a new dating app that takes the opposite approach, basing your raw matches on lists of things you both hate, from important topics like politics to simple annoyances like social etiquette and fashion. Like Tinder, you'll still get to anonymously swipe left or right on potential matches, but unlike Tinder, you'll have a built-in list of things to bitch about together if/when you finally meet face-to-face.

  • Darkr

    This isn't your normal filter app. The hint's right there in the icon. Instead, Darkr tries to recreate the process of using a real-life darkroom to develop your photos. For starters, your camera roll appears as a bin of negatives. Select one, and it gives you a digital test strip to find the correct look, then takes you into an editor where you can crop, rotate, dodge, burn, blur, and tone the image. It has several built-in camera modes, including one that mimics a large-format camera, and as you might expect with a past-obsessed app, it only produces results in black and white.

  • FlightSpeak

    Traveling during the holiday season is hard enough without having to guess how long the line through security will take, where you can pick up a last-minute gift, or whether or not you can find some Wi-Fi. FlightSpeak keeps you informed of all that and more. It has detailed information for over 300 airports worldwide, including up-to-date security wait times, store and restaurant locations — perfect for finding a pre-flight drink to calm your nerves — Wi-Fi information, and power outlets for charging your gadgets.

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