It's almost unfair: you're a long-time HBO subscriber, paying more than a Netflix or Hulu subscription, yet still can't watch your favorite shows and movies on your iOS device. Until now. HBO Go (Free) lets you watch any episode of HBO's excellent shows like The Wire, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Entourage, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos instantly on-demand on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, along with a host of other original specials and the latest movies showing on the acclaimed network — as long as you're with the right provider. We'll leave the Late Night category to your own private perusal.

  • The Daily

    It's not every day a new national newspaper launches, but it's even more rare — as in, never happened before — for that paper to never touch actual, you know, paper. The Daily ($1/Week, $40/Year) is a new tablet-based daily newspaper that merges traditional reporting with interactive elements, video, photos, and the Internet to create a new vision for what a newspaper can be. Unfortunately, buying a subscription means giving more money to the evil conglomerate that is News Corp., but then again, so does watching Family Guy, and you're not about to stop doing that anytime soon, either.

  • FLUD

    RSS made sexy. FLUD (Free) is a deliciously-designed news reader for the iPhone and iPad that reinvents the goodness-gathering power of RSS. Now available in two versions, the FLUD apps sport a highly-graphical interface, slick in-app browser, Google Reader integration, offline reading (iPhone version), and a bunch of social-sharing features to help spread the word on stories, videos, and pictures of interest. FLUD is definitely our new favorite iSoftware, and not just because Uncrate and Devour are both included as sources (well, it didn't hurt).

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