Head Youtek Prestige Pro

Head Youtek Prestige Pro

Expanding on the company's tour-ready series of Prestige racquets, the Head Youtek Prestige Pro ($200-$225) is at your command. The Pro is based around d3o, a "smart material" that changes its properties — including stiffness — based on that particular shot, and also features a stiffer frame with Teflon grommets, a leather grip, and a more open string pattern to provide extra pop on agressive shots.

  • Leatherhead Footballs

    What better way to celebrate the kickoff of the NFL Playoffs this weekend than with a game of pigskin with the boys? Leatherhead Footballs ($100-$120) can enhance that experience by offering handmade touches that no mass-produced ball can match, such as a slightly smaller-than-official size for enhanced grip, a vintage leather smell, and carefully selected pieces of leather that ensure a terrific looking and handling ball. You'll have it for years to come, and it'll only get better with age.

  • Brodmann Blades

    Like real metal drivers did in golf, the Brodmann Blades ($100) are set to turn the world of table tennis on its ear. By moving the front and back of the paddle away from each other and removing the grip altogether, the Blades are able to offer a glove-like fit, and promise a faster and more intuitive game, more spin on the ball, and superior control. They come in a set of two, along with four logo-adorned balls, terrycloth wristbands, and a zip-up carrying case.

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